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REO Asset Management Services

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REO Asset Management Services

Over 30 years of real estate, REO, broker management & asset management experience

REO Asset Manager The Bankers Difference

Bankers Asset Management prides itself on providing a full range of asset management services.

Our successful business model reduces a lender's holding costs. One way we judge our effectiveness is by the number of days a property is on the market from listing date to funding date. Request an complimentary evaluation of how we can impact your bottom line.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing of the REO asset management function offers many benefits to a seller. Placing national asset management with a competent and trusted partner allows the client the ability to focus on transactions which might avert foreclosure. The geographical concentration and volume of an established asset management vendor allows for easier asset placement (especially when dealing with low valued properties) and from a financial and accounting perspective; absorption of much, if not all, of the cost of national asset management within the traditional real estate brokerage sales commission (through preferential referral fee arrangement between outsourcer and local broker).

Outsourcing of asset management can measurably reduce days in inventory through strict timeline management, ensure high recovery rates versus valuation benchmarks, insulate the seller from third party claims, and provide for temporary or permanent staffing reductions while utilizing the skills and experience of highly trained real estate brokers.

Moreover, outsourcing is of particular significance in the administration of highly technical or legal activities, which may vary due to practice, location, or custom, thus offering benefits of risk limitation while improving overall performance.