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A passionate commitment to unsurpassed service.

Our mission is to remain a recognized national leader in REO Asset Management, sustaining a competitive advantage by delivering quality, ethical and reliable asset management services that exceed client expectations while achieving and maintaining a solid financial performance.

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Thoughts from LouAnn Howard

former Sr. Vice President of Central Mortgage Co.

Since 1994, we have used Ann Ball previously Ball Asset Management, as our sole nationwide outsourcer to market our REO portfolio. It was a good day for our company when we met Ann. We have found, she and her staff, now Bankers Asset Management, to be efficient, effective, easy to work with, and willing to adjust their work flows to our needs. I feel they would be an asset to any organization.

Tom DiMercurio Owner, The Mercury Alliance, LLC

Previously President/COO Fidelity National Asset Management Solutions shares thoughts
from a working relationship spanning over 20 years:

Ann Ball is a broker's broker. After working with her for over 20 years first as a client, then as an outsourcer and now as a local REO broker, I know that Ann really knows the business on all levels.

Mathew Spencer, Sr. Vice President/Special Assets, Regions Bank

Testament to cost-savings approach and management expertise

For over 10 years... Ms. Ball and her group have shown capability in handling a large volume of residential and small commercial properties on a nationwide basis. She has an excellent track record of disposing of foreclosed properties in a timely manner at a good price. Through her management, the bank has realized significant cost savings.